A Civilization game that
fits in your pocket!

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A Civilization game that fits in your pocket!
Age of Civilization is a streamlined Euro-style civilization game with unique mechanics for 1-4 players. Instead of playing as only 1 civilization in 3 hours, each player could now play as 3 civilizations in 30 minutes!

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With the help of the unique gaming mechanism, the set-up for every game is greatly different, providing a high replay-ability to players. During the game, players will rise civilization to collect resources, research technologies, build wonders, and prepare for war.

Eventually, every civilization may become less powerful as the population may drop in different ways, or simply because the era is changing. (Not all civilization can adapt to a new era, as we know it from history.) It will be time for you to raise another kingdom! The new kingdom can inherit the advantages of the former civilization to continue the legend in the game. As the rise and fall of 3 empires, a unique set of the civilizations of yours will finally arise!