Replacement & Missing Package Inquiries

If you need to request a Replacement Request Form (or if you wish to familiarize yourself with our return policies) please choose the appropriate option from the Replacement Request Form below that best resembles the problem you are having.

Damaged items during the delivery

If your package was damaged in transit– please fill out the Replacement Request Form and provide us with images of the damage to both the package and the item. We will arrange a replacement for you after we have received your form.

Please remember to provide any pictures of the defect or damage by using the attachment option below.

The Replacement Request Form number must be written and clearly displayed on the outside of the package.

Please keep in mind that all other applicable guidelines also apply.

Wrong or Missing items

In order for us to consider ‘missing item’ or ‘wrong item shipped’, the following criteria must be met:

Our warehouse made the mistake of shipping the incorrect item.

A paid item is missing from your order. In this case further instructions will be provided after you  fill out the Replacement Request Form below. You must notify us within 24 hours of confirmed delivery.

If you've received an incorrect item, please attach an image of the item you received AND a picture of the order and tracking number as shown on the receipt. Once we have confirmed our mistake, we will work as quickly as possible to ship the correct item to you.

The Replacement Request Form number must be written on the outside of the package of the wrong item.

Tracking number show as delivered

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Packages – All International packages will be sent, requiring a signature that any duties and customs fees can be settled. A lost package is one that does not show confirmed delivery via the tracking number. If your tracking number shows the package as delivered, icemakes will not cover the loss.

If your package's tracking number is showing as delivered, but you have not received the package, please choose the "Wrong or missing item" from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page here. Follow the instructions within the form and once completed, fill out the form itself. Please note that to best assist you, a missing package needs to be reported within 72 hours of confirmed (as per the tracking number) delivery has taken place.